Some Commonly Mistreated Prescription Drugs

According to a file published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in relation to prescription drug abuse:


44 individuals pass away every day in the U.S. due to overdose of prescription painkillers, Nearly 2 million Americans abused prescription drfelix in 2013. Nearly 7,000 individuals are treated in emergency departments every day for using these drugs in a manner aside from as directed by a physician.


The above information reveals the worrying condition of prescription drug abuse in the nation, so it has to be attended to with utmost urgency. It requires setting up of prescription drug addiction aid focuses to raise awareness about the menace and informing people on the best ways to combat this malady. The rehabs for prescription drug abuse treatment are doing a good job in treating and assisting people tackle the issue.


One of the remedies for prescription drug abuse is to gather pertinent information. If you understand the most frequently mistreated prescription drugs readily available in the market you will be able to avoid others from misusing it, especially when a medical professional prescribes those to someone close to you. The frequently mistreated prescription drugs generally fall into three classifications:


(a) Opioids, which generate a thrilled sensation owing to their discomfort easing capabilities for short term or chronic discomforts.


(b) Tranquillizers or downers, which soothe the main nervous system like a soothing blanket, giving a relaxed and soothing impact.


(c) Stimulants which result in a gush of energy and awareness in an individual.

Here are some drugs which are generally abused by patients and, at times, their good friends or loved ones:


Xanax (alprazolam): This is without a doubt the most mistreated prescription drug offered to the patients experiencing panic disorder. Because of its instant impact on the central anxious system, which sedates and unwinds an individual, there is rampant abuse of the drug by non-patients.


Klonopin & Valium: These sedatives quickly unwind persons consuming the tablets. The highs stemmed from these drugs are akin to drunkenness so make those profoundly popular. These are lethal drugs, frequently causing blackouts as well as deaths in severe cases.

It changes the way the brain reacts to pain and is highly popular because of its sedative properties. The drug is also compared to heroin and is a bit dearer, often prompting the addicts to indulge in taking and other dubious strategies.


Codeine (Purple Drank): It is prescribed to minimize cough and pain, typically in conjunction with other drugs. A high consumption of Codeine-based cough syrups provides a sedative effect and modifies the levels of awareness. This is what the addicts search for in Codeine-based drugs.

Amphetamines: These drugs are also described as "speed". Prescribed by physicians for attention-deficit hyperactivity condition (ADHD) and narcolepsy, it is commonly misused by students, shift employees and truck drivers who have to remain awake and alert.


Ritalin: This drug is a stimulant which influences the main anxious system increasing the dopamine level. As it increases the brain attention, it is prone to become a routine in users causing gross misuse.